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The surface finish in natural stone strongly influences the look of the material, but also plays a big part in the choice of material for a certain use.

For exterior use, for example, a rougher surface is preferable due to the slip danger. With a rougher finish the stones are lighter in colour. For decorative interior finishes it is better to choose a polished finish, which brings out the colour and structure of the natural stone better. Take into account that a rough surface is less easy to maintain, and a polished surface in busy walkways will show scratches and wear quicker!

There are a range of surface finishings: from the much-used polishing technique to the less well-known frost flower patterning. Polishing can be used on a wide range of natural stone types: the main criteria are that the stone must be sufficiently compact and must contain enough 'hard' minerals.

Granites and marbles are frequently polished, basalts and slates less so. A rougher finish can sometimes offer added aesthetic value and can sometimes be a matter of necessity. However, many marbles lose their vivid quality if given a rough finish.

Before choosing the type of finishing you want, it is always advisable to seek the advice from Ascend Stone. We will know which finish can best be combined with the different types of natural stone. They will take account of the purpose for which you intend to use the stone (e.g. a rougher surface finishing for applications where an anti-slip function is important).