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Stack stone is becoming ever more popular and can easily transform a dull wall area into something quite wonderful. For façade cladding the natural stone needs to be suited for out door use and we can help you in choosing the right material for the job in hand. It’s best to seek the advice of professionals like ourselves before purchasing cladding materials.


Natural stone tiles are the perfect medium for patios & pools; they compliment their natural surroundings adding a style and richness to any outdoor area. It is recommended that outdoor tile be either flamed, sawn or hammered. Talk to us about choosing the right material for the job. The thickness of the patio tiles depends on the stability of the subsoil, on the laying structure and on the weight one might expect on the patio. With classic laying and normal weight (just people, no cars), a thickness of 20mm will suffice. For driveways accommodating vehicles you should choose a thickness of 50 mm or more.



It took nature millions of years to create natural stone.

Due to this natural creation process, every block is unique: The underground pressure, the crystallisation, the line structure etc. vary from place to place. Every natural stone slab tells its own story. Unbelievable colour shades, wonderful structures and an intense tangible bond with the primal forces of the earth: Each slab is a work of art created by the earth.

Choosing our products of granite, marble, limestone, slate, basalt or blue stone, means choosing durability and aesthetic quality. In the choice of natural stone, not only do the aesthetic aspects such as colour and appearance play a role, but also the technical characteristics of the stone.

The choice of type of natural stone should take into account the area and function that the stone will be used for: floor, wall, kitchen bench tops, in a private home or in a public building. Ascend Stone has experience and the expertise to help you choose the right stone for your project.

To safeguard the quality for years it is important that the natural stone is fitted and cared for correctly. Ascend Stone will ensure your stone project will provide many years of enjoyment and durability. The natural beauty of each natural stone slab, in combination with the selected finish, is a guarantee for years of problem-free enjoyment indoors and outdoors.